Why Oxlife Independence?

  • BEST Therapeutic Value – provides 3,000 ml of O2 compared to other portables that only provide 1,000ml
  • Longest Battery Life
  • Smallest footprint in category
  • No bulky cart
  • Fits under airline seat w/o removing cart
  • User friendly Control Panel

Why Continuous and Pulse Flow All in One Concentrator?

Oxlife Independence gives users a choice between pulse dose and continuous flow operation. While in continuous flow, the POC provides a continuous flow of medical grade oxygen at various volumes typically between 1 – 3 liters of oxygen per minute. Most doctors prescribe oxygen at 2 liters or greater and then adjust according to oxygen saturation levels. Oxlife Independence also gives users the option of pulse dose therapy to conserve battery life and excursion times. Dual mode POC’s are the only oxygen concentrators that give patients true freedom to travel and use while sleeping.

One Solution

The Oxlife Independence by O2 Concepts is a One Solution portable oxygen concentrator (POC) with both patients and providers in mind. This highly mobile 3 liter portable concentrator has both continuous flow (1-3 LPM) and pulse mode settings (0.5 – 6).

With a uniquely robust magnesium case and patent pending ESA technology, it is the perfect One Solution for oxygen patients worldwide. The Oxlife Independence has a unique integrated cart that allows it to be the most agile and smallest product in its category along with a user friendly control panel to alleviate patient confusion. The Oxlife Independence can be powered by rechargeable battery(s), AC, and DC power on ALL settings.

From your bedroom to the golf course, to Disneyland or where ever life takes you… The Oxlife Independence is your One Solution.

The Independence is the only continuous mode portable oxygen concentrator that delivers variable flow rates (1-3 liters) while using DC batteries, external DC power, or an AC power supply providing unparalleled flexibility and freedom.

The Independence is FAA approved on most domestic and international airlines and cruise ships.